DIGI – the Butler

With DIGI – the Butler you can manage your entire construction site or project documentation securely and digitally. The primary goal is to organize the entire project process without paper. All processes, agendas and documents are done digitally and systematically filed in the project. Consequently, this structured communication between office and construction site saves time and money. As a result, all project members are always on the same page. “DIGI – the Butler” can be used for construction and related trades as well as all sectors that want to digitally design the field service area.


Digi – the Butler offers an overview of all possible projects, these can also be sorted by distance to the building project. In addition, there is the possibility to subdivide these projects into individual work orders, which can subsequently be assigned to the various employees. In order to serve full transparency an individual employee has the option to differentiate between his own, daily and future work orders.

The construction documentation is carried out with photos, because a picture is known to be worth more than 1,000 words. The photo can optionally be given a title. It is then stored together with the time stamp and the associated employee information directly on the server system with reference to the project. Furthermore, photos from the gallery or other apps can be imported into the app.

The recording of working hours includes address information, notes on the activities and all contact details. With just a few clicks, the working time recording can show driving time, working time and break time as well as dynamically showing the team with reference to a work order. The working hours are checked for plausibility. In case a booking has been forgotten, it can be entered using a form afterwards.

Just like the construction documentation, time recording is also possible when the device is offline.

Individual and dynamic checklists make life easier for you and your employees in their daily work. Tailored to your personal application, your employee is equipped with all the necessary checklists, work processes and TODOs on the go, which can be processed individually and documented using photos and comments. All of this is optionally transferred directly back to the company’s internal ERP system.

In order to facilitate the planning of your employee resources, we also offer a user-friendly planning option in the web version. You can use drag and drop to plan your staff and always keep an overview.

In an integrated chat, you and your employees have the opportunity to communicate individually on a project basis. This means that for each defined project there is the option of creating chat rooms in which the invited people can communicate with each other. Of course, external people can also be invited to the individual chat rooms.

With larger projects you can lose track of things. In order to enable individual documentation for a larger number of individual locations at your customer’s, we have created the option of a tailored room structure. This means that your projects can optionally be broken down into smaller parts (e.g. rooms).


The projects are planned centrally via the “DIGI – the Butler” web platform. Here you enter your teams as well as all necessary resources such as vehicles. DIGI – the Butler guarantees a real-time overview of the projects and orders by synchronizing the data from the construction sites.

As an option, a connection to the ERP system is also possible: The system gathers master data from your individual ERP system and returns data respectively. Hence, automated billing is enabled.


Digital technologies = the end of the paper mess

Better information flow through real-time transmission

Smooth integration into existing systems

Easy handling

No data loss or missing data thanks to automatic, immediate and continuous storage in the database

Structured communication through mobile recording and digital storage

Time and cost savings through optimization of the project documentation

Available anytime and anywhere thanks to offline function

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