How can digu | digital unlimited GmbH assist my business?

The digu | digital unlimited GmbH sees itself as a provider of complete digital solutions in the construction industry. In doing so, we do not strictly stop at other industries, we rather aim to emphasize our long experience in the construction industry.

What kind of performance can I expect?

We offer a variety of digital solutions, with the range of services from an app in construction site management to a ready-to-use ERP software solution to individual IT and network technology solutions.

How does the service differ from classic consulting solutions?

It is not our goal to create concepts, present them to our customers and guide them through implementation. Rather, we consider it to be one of our core competencies to be a provider of a total solution. Whether in the area of ​​IT infrastructure, ERP connections or a digital app solution for the construction industry, we are the right partner at your side.

DIGI – the Butler

How do I benefit from using DIGI – the Butler?

Users of DIGI – the Butler have the advantage that their construction site documentation is digitized and thus made easier. In contrast to the usual documentation process with photography, paper forms and reporting, these tasks move entirely to the digital world. A big advantage here is that even years later you still have access to individual entries in the various construction progress phases. Continuous transparency and clarity, but also a structured defect management and planning of the staff are also part of the strengths of DIGI – the Butler.

On which platforms is DIGI – the Butler offered?

The app is generally offered on both Android and iOS.

Is my data safe at DIGI – the Butler?

Yes, we ensure that our customers’ data is used in compliance with the GDPR and is appropriately protected.

Are specific IT knowledge or skills required to use the DIGI – the Butler?

There is no special knowledge required. However, a practiced use of smartphone devices facilitates the use of DIGI – the Butler significantly.

Is it possible to test DIGI – the Butler?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial.

Who is the target group of DIGI – the Butler?

The target group of DIGI – the Butler are companies in the construction industry who want to digitize their construction site processes and optimize them using individual check and task lists as well as construction site documentation. Nevertheless, the app can be used for all industries that want to digitally map their external processes.

Can I use the app in my corporate design?

Yes, we offer a so-called white label solution. This means that you can have the app individually designed by us according to your corporate design. Alternatively, we offer the standard design from DIGI – the Butler.

For which industry is DIGI – the Butler suitable for?

Basically, DIGI – the Butler can be used in any industry where individual checklists, activity documentation, time records and the flow of documents are required. Our experience is currently strongest in the construction industry.

Do you offer a web version?

Yes, in addition to the mobile app, there is also a separate web version which is synchronized with the mobile version. The web version offers more features that are used in administration and planning.

RS2 by Ramsauer & Stürmer

How do I benefit from implementing RS2?

RS2 is a mature ERP system from Austria, which can be individually tailored to your needs.

What are the requirements for my company in order to be able to use RS2?

In case you already have an ERP system in operation, we will be happy to support you with the changeover to RS2. If you do not yet have an ERP system running, we are also your partner and assist you in diving into the digital world of RS2.

How does digu | digital unlimited GmbH support in the implementation?

After a detailed analysis of your specific needs, our team will support you in the configuration, interface creation and training (including training of your key users).

How does RS2 differ from classic ERP applications?

RS2 is installed in a preconfigured version and can therefore be used very quickly. Since we have also been active on the user side for years, we know the needs and challenges of an ERP implementation or conversion very well.

What about the added value?

In digitization, especially with ERP programs attention must be paid to added value. Secondary activities are to be replaced and the focus of customers on the core process is to be aligned. This task is carried out by RS2.